Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

Family of DAL A FPGA-Based Configurable Data Concentrators


  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Configurable Analog and Discrete Interfaces
  • Digital Data Busses
  • Cross-channel data link for synchronization and cross validation
  • Common basic functions provided by platform, aircraft-specific functions implemented depending on application
  • Process assurance to DO254 DAL A
  • DO160 qualification as required by application
  • Dissimilarity for common cause mitigatation

See Datasheet

The TechSAT DCU Platform Family contains different data concentrators, suitable for a variety of applications. Dissimilar implementations are provided to mitigate common cause.

Application Example

A typical application is to use three dissimilar DCUs to readback Analog Pilot Inceptors and forward the Stick/Pedal Positions to Flight Control Computers using avionics communication buses. An other example is acquisition of surface sensors of sensors on a wing and forwarding the value via a digital data bus to further processing in the flight control system.

DCU Platform Functions

Each DCU platform performs the following basic functions:

  • BIT (Built in Test)
  • Excitation and readback of VDT sensors
  • Readback of Discrete inputs
  • Sensor validation, error detection
  • Transmission of received data over ARINC 429 or ARINC 825
  • Conversion of ARINC429 into ARINC825 Data or vice versa
  • Setting of discrete outputs from any received Boolean data
Customized Functions

Depending on the specific aircraft application, various higher-level functions can be implemented on the FPGA, such as:

  • Rigging functions for Stick & Pedals
  • Logic / voting on input signals
  • Specific mapping of sensor data to avionics buses

Enclosure & Environmental Qualification

DCU is enclosed in an aluminum enclosure with flange mounts. Environmental qualification is performed depending on specific aircraft requirements. 

Technical Data

  • 4x RVDT / LVDT / Resolver / Hall
    • Excitation: 1-5 kHz
    • Voltage:      3-7.5 VRMS
  • 8x Discrete Inputs 
    • Configurable for Open/Gnd or Open/28VDC
  • 4x Discrete Outputs
    • Configurable as Open/Gnd or Open/28VDC 
  • 2x ARINC 825  / CAN 2.0B
  • 4x ARINC 429 RX
  • 1x ARINC 429 TX
  • 2x RS422 / RS485
Power Input and Consumption
  • Input power: 28VDC
  • Single Power Supply (options for dual power supply available)
  • Power consumption < 10W
Weight & Physical Dimensions
  • 250 g
  • 128 x 80 x 23 mm
External Connectors
  • High Density D-Sub
  • 1x 26, 1 x 44pin
  • 156.000 FH
  • DCU variants can be provided with 
    • higher/lower number of I/O interfaces within certain limits
    • Other type of I/O interfaces
    • Other connector types and orientation