Data Loading


TechSAT's data loading products are available to support all standard ARINC data loading protocols: ARINC 615/615A/826/844 for ARINC 429 and Ethernet based data loading. 

For next generation aircraft, TechSAT's data loading solutions bring portability to data loading over the new generation of avionics bus and network types:  AFDX®/ARINC 664, Avionic & Deterministic Ethernet, TTP, and ARINC 825/CAN

TechSAT data loaders provide a scalable series of software part management solutions and a variety of service and support packages to make sure that your data loader fleet never goes out of date.

Portable Data Loaders and Software Management

TechSAT’s certified portable data loaders are integrated software and hardware solutions for loading aircraft software parts, such as databases and operational programs, into airborne computers according to the ARINC 615, ARINC 603, ARINC 645-1, ARINC 835, and, optionally, ARINC 615A standards.

Data Loading Applications - From Development to Aircraft Maintenance

Supporting all common data loading protocols, TechSAT provides data loading solutions suitable for all aircraft maintenance environments: flightline, hangar, avionics repair shop, as well as specialized data loaders specifically adapted for supporting avionics and aircraft in a manufacturing environment.

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