O.N.E. for Development

"O.N.E. for Development" goes beyond pure data exchange features of a generic middleware.    The platform provides:

  • Deterministic data exchange
  • Distributed scheduling
  • Native tooling
  • Cloud support
  • Real-time capability
  • Many HW/SW Interfaces

It has been extensively used in in testing & validation applications within aerospace and automotive industries. 



Applications and data exchange are scheduled to ensure 100% test reproducibility.


Applications can access data without knowledge of data location and routing


Pub / Sub relationship can be statically configured and dynamically modified during runtime


System configuration with minimal manual effort.

Benefits and Features

Save time with O.N.E.

Due to the abstraction provided by O.N.E., system topology and HW components can be chosen and changed freely as a system matures.

Typically, an application architecture is initially developed on a single PC or a network of several PCs and then transferred to the target system. O.N.E. enables this transition with an effort close to zero.

The same low effort applies to transition from development stage to large scale real world deployment.

Seamless operation 

with built-in tooling

  • Automate testing
  • Debug
  • Evaluate performance
  • Record and replay data
  • Fault/Error insertion during runtime 
  • Automatic system configuration
  • Interactive custom made panels
  • System health monitoring

Build development platforms

according to your needs

For development of autonomous driving functions simply connect O.N.E. with any of your required (3rd party) components. For example:

  • Environment simulation (CarMaker, aiSim etc.)
  • Vehicle model
  • Test Environment 
  • Sensor models
  • AI Algorithms
  • Scenario Database

O.N.E. will take care of scheduled, deterministic, real-time communication between all participants, regardless whether they are present as SW or HW.

ROS 2 interface

Benefit from O.N.E features for your ROS 2 based applications.

Cloud support

Unlimited scalability for your scenario based testing. 

Achieve sufficient mileage for verification of your driving functions fast by executing test scenarios in parallel on a large number of cloud computers.