Aerospace System Development Service

MA700 High Lift System (HLS) Development

The MA700 High Lift system is an electrically actuated flaps only system. There are two flaps panels on each wing.

Two redundant BLDC motors are providing the mechanical power to a speed summing gear box which is rotating a transmission shaft. The shaft transmits the power to four ball screw actuators (two for each flaps panel) on each wing.

Each motor is controlled by a Flaps Motor Control Module (FMCM). Two redundant Flaps Control Units (FECU) are controlling and monitoring the flaps status.

TechSAT Work Packages
  • Joint System development compliant to ARP4754A from System Specification, System Architecture Design, Requirements Flowdown to System Integration and Verification

  • System Safety Assessment according to ARP4761

  • Development of FECU (Flap Electronic Control Unit) and FMCM (Flap Motor Control Module) hardware and software compliant to DO178B, DO254 and DO160
  • Production of FECU and FMCM Blue Label (lab test) and Red Label (flight test) units.
  • Design and delivery of Test means for all development phases and level:
    • Model-based requirements validation (MDVS)
    • Single FECU test bench (FECUTB)
    • Single FMCM test bench (FMCMTB)
    • System integration bench for controller subsystem (HLSS)
    •  Iron Wing (HLSIR)