Fully integrated modular data loader

The PDL Mk.II is the cornerstone of TechSAT’s robust family of modular portable data loaders. Specially designed to respond to the challenges of the line maintenance environment, TechSAT’s PDL Mk.II is the perfect upgrade and replacement for traditional GSE-type data loaders. Based around the ruggedized Panasonic CF-20 laptop, the PDL Mk.II provides an integrated but modularly repairable data loader.

Datasheet 403474 - PDL Mk.II

Datasheet 403475 - PDL Mk.II GARDT

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ARINC 615 and ARINC 615A data loading via standard aircraft Data Loading Connector

Direct data loading from USB 3.5” floppy disk, USB DVD drive, USB stick, or HDD media repository

Import of load parts from all types of USB media or via LAN to HDD media repository

TechSAT GARDT® Technology for secure data loading

Full-ruggedized 10.1” Panasonic Convertible Toughbook CF-20 in a polyethylene protector case

Fully compliant with standard PDL adapter cables