ADS2 Avionics Simulations


ARINC 739A Multi-Purpose Control & Display Unit (MCDU) Simulation

Key Features

  • Full multi-input MCDU simulation compliant to ARINC 739A specification
  • Up to 7 subsystems connected in parallel using TechSAT’s A429-USB-NT interface
  • Dual-MCDU mode for testing the communication with 2 MCDUs
  • Triple-MCDU mode for testing the communication with 3 MCDUs
  • Protocol error injection and detection
  • Fully configurable specific keys and annunciators
  • All display features supported (ISO5 characters, colors, reverse video, flashing)
  • Real-time and offline analysis of the A429 communication including decoding of protocol messages
  • Scripting interface supporting remote control of the simulation

See Datasheet


A380/340/321 Cabin Intercommunication Data System Director Simulation

Key Features

  • Configuration using stand-alone panels
  • Loading of configuration data from files
  • Exchange of cabin layout data
  • Transmission of update requests to IFE
  • Reception of service requests from IFE
  • Monitoring of cyclic labels and protocol
  • Full ARINC 429 data logging
  • Optional hardware emulation of the keylines
  • Protocol error stimulation


Datasheet CIDS A380 Simulation

Datasheet CIDS A340 Simulation​

Datasheet CIDS A321 Simulation


A350/380/400M Central Maintenance System Simulation Package

Key Features

  • Full support of the ABD01001.4 issues E and F (A350 standard)
  • Full support of Normal Mode and Interactive Mode
  • Link to up to four BITE interfaces in parallel
  • Effortless configuration using ICD import
  • Enhanced features specific for test applications (data and transmission rates verification, protocol error injection/detection)
  • Scripting interface
  • Replay mode for automated test execution

Datasheet: CMS Simulation via Soft AFDX

Datasheet: CMS Simulation via Real AFDX


A31X/A32X/A330/A340 Onboard Maintenance System Simulation 

Key Features

  • ABD0018/48/100 compliant CFDS/OMS simulation
  • Flexible configuration
  • Accurate simulation of the ARINC 429 data traffic
  • Protocol analysis and recording
  • Scripting interface

See Datasheet


B787 Central Maintenance Computing Functon Simulation 

Key Features

  • Full simulation of 787 Central Maintenance Computing Function
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • ARINC 664 (AFDX®) and CAN bus protocol support
  • Decodes fault reports from periodic LRUs and activity reports from aperiodic LRUs
  • Supports CMCF messaging per required protocols
  • Full event logging during message transfer and complete diagnostics
  • Provides maintenance message information in clear English – code translation is not required
  • Optional data analyzer for AFDX and CAN bus
  • Developed as a 787 reference product for 787 avionics developers

See Datasheet


B747-400 / B777 Centralized Fault Display System Simulation 

Key Features

  • Simulation of Boeing 747- 400 and 777 CFDS
  • Interpretation of Fault Status Words
  • Simulation of all cyclic CFDS labels
  • Issue of Shop Faults Request
  • Issue of non-interactive Initiate Test Command
  • Configuration Data Requests

See Datasheet