AFDX / ARINC 664 End System Simulation interface


TechSAT's AFDX-PMC-2G is world wide the first AFDX®/ARINC 664 simulaiton interface developed for LRU and aircraft integration of A380 program.

Both Airbus and Boeing AFDX® protocol stack are implemented.

The interface connector can be either twisted pair copper or Fiber Channel.

Together with TechSAT Hardware module AFDX-MON and Software module AFDX ES test suite, it can build up from small to large scale integration and verification platform for UUT / SUT with AFDX communication protocol.

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Related TechSAT COTS Product - AFDX-MON


AFDX-MON as an AFDX tap device, is capable to monitor 8 AFDX links (4 redundant red/blue pairs) through two 1GbE ports. It also provides programmable hardware filtering and time stamping functionality.

Together with AFDX-PMC-2G interface board, it supports verification of end-to-end communication through AFDX protocol easily. 

See Datasheet

Related TechSAT COTS Product - AFDX TR/TE Test Suite

AFDX TR/TE Test Suite

The AFDX TR/TE Test Suite is a complete fully automatic test suite verifying the implementation of an AFDX End System against the ARINC664 requirements.

The test suite consists of a portable test application which is executed on the AFDX I/O of Unit Under Test and reacts to requests from the test script executed on any ADS2 Test System supporting AFDX.

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