Virtual Integration with ADS 2 / MDVS

C919 Cockpit Display System Host Based Software Verification


The various applications of COMAC C919 Cockpit Display System (CDS)  like PFD, EICAS, Synoptic Pages are developed with SCADE Suite and SCADE Display tools.

To support development and functional verification of SCADE Models, TechSAT has delivered 9 units of ADS2 based MDVS (Model Development and Verification System) to SAVIC, the system supplier of C919 CDS.

System Configuration

Software Packages

  • ADS2 / Core
  • ADS2 / Toolbox
  • ADS2 / SCADE
  • ADS2 / FlightGear
  • ADS2 / TPM
  • ADS2 / IOGen
  • ADS2 / TFG

Application Logical Architecture

Model Development & Verification of Non A661 Applications (HDD Hosted UA)

Application Modelling Environment / A661 Applications (IMA or HDD Hosted UA)

Use Cases

The purpose of the MDVS is to support development and functional verification of SCADE Models for the various CDS Applications. Due to the model based development approach of the C919 CDS, the models will initially be used for design validation and after refinement the final models will be used for generation of operational code.

Model Creation

Models are created using the SCADE Suite and SCADE Display Tools. Additionally support tools are used for generation of I/O Software from ICD and generation of a model skeleton for A661 User Applications form the DF File.

Test Frame Creation

Test frames for SCADE models are created automatically by using a dedicated tool called Test Frame Generator provided with MDVS. This tool processes the Model Data Dictionary and generates all required interface and configuration files. 

Model Verification

For model verification, the user uses the SCADE Code Generator (KCG) to generate a Windows Standalone Executable. Due to the preparations performed in previous steps (test frame creation) the application can be directly started in the test environment.